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Piątek, 12. Wrzesień 2014 09:46

The Institute of Sociology in Zielona Gora

University of Zielona Gora

The Institute of Sociology was established in 1994. During the 20 years of its activity the Institute became meaningful and smoothly developing institution.

The young staff of the Institute published over half thousand of publications (monographies, articles, reports etc.[1]) many scientific conferences were organized as well. Since Zielona Gora is located close to Polish-German border the main and regularly organized conference topic is transborder phenomena and cooperation. This year (2014) 9th edition of the conference is going to take place.

The institute cooperates with many institutions: Lubuskie Scientific Society, Polish Sociological Association, The Lubuskie Voivodship, other universities and institutions as well.

In 2007 the Sociological Congress took place in Zielona Gora and the huge event (about 1000 participants) was organized by the staff of the Institute of Sociology.

The Institute staff cooperates with the researchers from many countries: the USA, Canada, Holland, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Spain, Hungary.

The staff of the Institute is a part of significant research institutions (Polish Academy of Science) the members of scientific associations (Polish Sociological Association, International Sociological Association, Lubuskie Scientific Society, Polish Ethnological Society etc.). The Institute of Sociology employees took part in the committees of scientific magazines and publishing houses.

According to the fact that one of aims of the Institute is to combine theoretical knowledge with the practical skills the institution cooperates with many regional and local institutions as well. The staff takes part in many expert panels and is asked for opinions about many projects run in the Lubuskie region. That is why many areas of the research are connected to specific for the region problems.

The members of the staff got many awards given by local and state institutions. Besides the research successes the Institute staff has very good results as academic teachers. The most important issue of education is proper combination of theory and training practical skills. The students have a lot of possibilities to be acquainted with many activities important for sociologists. They are prepared to creating and carrying on surveys and interviews. All of students get acquainted with statistical tools and the programmes of analyzing data.

The University of Zielona Gora has brand new library which is very comfortable place for students and researchers as well. Very modern and friendly spaces are full of books and comfortable places.

Those who have decided to study sociology in Zielona Gora are able to combine modern and traditional elements of knowledge. The graduates of sociology can work in many places for example in state or local institutions, as human resources specialists, advisors, public opinion research specialists, public relation specialists, managers of team work etc.

The Institute staff tries to develop the methods of education. Very important aspect of this process is evaluation of classes. Thanks to students opinions it is possible to adjust methods, subjects and topics to students expectations and needs. Since 2013 the programme is constructed according to national frame of qualifications. We are carrying on 3 year bachelor studies and 2 years master studies.

The Institute of Sociology is preparing to open doctoral studies in not too distant future.

The Institute has prepared an offer for Erasmus students. They can choose many classes. All of them are run in English. The Erasmus students are welcomed here and can be sure that the teachers are eager to help them to study sociology and have a lot of satisfaction because of it.

[1] The full list of the publications of the Institute staff you can find here: http://publikacje.uz.zgora.pl:7777/skep/show2.publications_unit